The Malaysian Management Science Academy Sdn. Bhd is an independent for-profit learning institution which aims to provide our Malaysian and non-Malaysian communities with highly necessary and distinguished knowledge in the fields of Tertiary Studies, Education, Certification, and Training Consultancy. MAMSA’s approach depends totally on the International Standard Organization’s compatible methodology on Education, Training and Consultancy


MAMSA in nutshell

Malaysian Management Science Academy Sdn. Bhd. or MAMSA in short, is a professional education and training academy in Malaysia providing excellent academic and student support service to all potential students and learners from all over the country. MAMSA holds the exclusive license for:

  • London Academy of Commerce, UK.
  • Chartered Institute of Management Science, USA

With corporate office at 127-3A, Jalan 3, Pusat Niaga Batu Caves Centerpoint, 68100, Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysian Management Science Academy (MAMSA) provides superior management training, education and consulting services to aspiring individuals and companies. Our core business also covers student recruitment and placement services for both local and foreign higher education institutions. MAMSA brings a fresh and innovative approach to local support services for students studying in both government and private universities located worldwide, acting as liaison facilitator between the student and the education provider.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every student by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing learning ability and improving knowledge efficiency. Our consultants are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our students and clients receive the most effective and professional service.

MAMSA is dedicated to assist students towards pursuing their university or college level studies. MAMSA guide students to get correct and complete information that helps them to make a wise decision in their pursuit of Higher Tertiary Education. MAMSA presents a niche combination of services for Malaysian and International education institutions. MAMSA is able to advise and provide the right tools for international universities to fulfill Malaysian learners’ needs.



As a diverse management institution, the Malaysian Management Science Academy (MAMSA) is totally committed to excellence in management education and the development of well-educated students who are able to present management expertise thoughtfully, strategically, and systematically.



  • Reviving the obligation of seeking management knowledge in accordance with correct methodology, comprehension and implementation.
  • Adopting and spreading the unique and real management path
  • Advancing and providing highly needed management research in diverse contemporary issues.
  • Establishing sincere and constructive communication, coordination, and cooperation with all other research areas that deal with management issues.



  • Utilizing modern technology to facilitate the acquiring of management education for MAMSA learners.
  • Providing learners the chance to deal with a new channel of communication and cooperation for their career and academic betterment.
  • Providing scholarships for those who need it.
  • Integrating educational benefits with practical gratification through the MAMSA environment

MALAYSIAN MANAGEMENT SCIENCE ACADEMY is a validated trademark with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Ref. No.: 08004425. Anyone intend to use the MAMSA & its logo should obtain prior written approval from MALAYSIAN MANAGEMENT SCIENCE ACADEMY Sdn. Bhd. who is the legal owner of the trademark.



MAMSA’s vision is to transcend the boundaries of traditional educational precepts by using innovation and technology to make education accessible to the widest spectrum of communities across the country. To achieve this vision, MAMSA leverages on advanced technology platforms to unleash the potential and synergies of its network of educational partner and associated institutions from across the globe.

Unlike other similar academic or training firms, at MAMSA we possess excellent hands on operations experience at nationwide level. Our consultants are well versed in all aspects of Education & Training management, from planning to implementation and maintaining business ethics. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple academic, training and consulting projects. This is due to effectively assisting students and clients to select the suitable program to ensure that all their requirements are met within budget restraints and time schedules. In addition, MAMSA consultants, has vast experience in their specialized field.

One of the objective MAMSA was set up is to assist students in applications and enrollments into colleges and universities throughout Malaysia and world. MAMSA provides academic counseling and advice on routes or pathways and options into colleges and universities as well as career counseling based on international and local market trends, needs and future prospects of the particular studies chosen by the learner. All these services are given free under purview of Professor Dr. Partheban Sinnappan, our CEO.

In order to meet the individual needs of clients, MAMSA, maintains a wide range of qualifications. We are validated by London Academy of Commerce of Great Britain. (Certificate No.: LAC367346MAMSA-MY) At MAMSA, we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients and students achieve their milestone in their career & corporate life. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes MAMSA the ideal choice for a training consultancy firm to manage your academic and business growth.



The distinguished academic and administrative leadership of MAMSA under governance of prominent educator Professor Dr. Partheban Sinnappan and his team who have tremendous qualifications and experiences to supervise and run this necessary and distinguished management institution to fill the vacuum that learners endure nowadays in Malaysia.

In addition to the MAMSA’s adoption of the correct methodology (Individual Attention Concept), MAMSA has designed a moderate, flexible, and inexpensive system in order to smooth the academic progress of our beloved students.

MAMSA has meticulously and effectively designed a particular and well-thought academic material, literature, and curriculum accessible to our students through internet and mail.

MAMSA has established a new testing system that takes into consideration students’ time and modern life demands. Simultaneously, it keeps and protects the expected academic integrity. MAMSA has established a very sound administrative system to facilitate, solve, and speed the assistance of its students.

MAMSA has utilized modern technology to facilitate and speed the core of the educational process of maximizing comprehension and assimilation of knowledge. Based on research and experience, the academic leadership of the MAMSA has designed a distinctive system to accelerate the academic progress by providing intensive courses. MAMSA has given special attention for a very advanced research and methodology standard that allows its students to develop exceptional ability to carry out advanced academic research.